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Welcome to Shannon South Functional Nutrition for Fertility.

Shannon South is a functional nutritionist (FNTP) who specializes in natural fertility and hormone balance. We offer a wide selection of services to help you find balance and improve your fertility. We work with clients who are both trying to conceive naturally and who are working with a fertility clinic.


Shannon’s office is in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, but she works 100% remotely, meeting with clients by phone or Zoom through her online practice portal. Working remotely cuts out travel time for clients, making it the most efficient use of time, and allows her to help clients all over the Northeast as well as the entire United States.

We Service Clients in Long Island City, Queens

In Long Island City, Queens, individuals and couples seeking fertility services discover a wealth of resources and expertise tailored to their unique needs. The neighborhood is home to a variety of fertility clinics, reproductive specialists, and wellness centers offering a range of comprehensive services. From initial consultations and fertility testing to advanced treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) and egg freezing, Long Island City provides access to cutting-edge medical technologies and compassionate care. With a focus on personalized treatment plans and holistic approaches to reproductive health, Long Island City stands as a supportive community for those navigating the path to parenthood.

Distance from Long Island City, Queens to Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Long Island City is about two miles from our offices in Greenpoint, Brooklyn – however all of our appointments are now virtual, so we consult with our clients by phone or  Zoom.

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