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The best quality, most effective professional supplements and wellness products for your healing journey.

Premier supplement dispensary.
Largest selection at excellent prices.

Powerful nutraceuticals for detoxification, pathogen cleansing, immune, and mitochondrial support.
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Natural, homeopathic remedies designed to support overall health and wellness including detoxification and weight management.

Nutritional formulas for mitochondrial support and gut healing.

Systemic and digestive enzymes. 
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Home water distiller for the most pure water you can drink. 
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Riman Skincare offers high-quality, fast acting, highly-effective, natural products using botanical extracts and advanced science for healthy, radiant skin.  They have products for anti-aging, acne, discoloration, inflammation etc.

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Love this coffee! Deliciously smooth, mold-free, antioxidant-rich coffee.
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Queen of Thrones makes the highest quality castor oil and well designed, mess-free, reusable castor oil packs as well as dry brushes and other detox supports. Get 10% off with code: SSN10.

Thera360 Plus sauna is my little secret get away – amazing for stress relief and to complement your detox protocol!  Portable infrared saunas and red light therapy to boost detoxification.

Mira app for fertility tracking

Awesome tool for tracking your progress when balancing your hormones or trying to conceive! Personal hormone tracking system. Find out when you are ovulating.

My skin feels amazing! Love these products and my friend is an affiliate, so use this link! Toxin-free beauty and skincare that leaves your skin looking gorgeous.

Branch Basics natural cleaning products. Works great and no toxic chemicals. Safe for you and the environment! Get $10 off your first order using this link. 

ERMI is the best environmental toxic mold test to help you figure out the root of your health issues. I recommend running this if you find mold on your Total Tox Burden test.

Vaginal Kung Fu is a 10-week, life changing program by Kim Anami that will bring back your libido and put the fire back into your relationship. Build a jade egg practice, learn tantric breathing techniques and meditate your way to orgasmic enlightenment.

Vibro-acoustic sound bed that delivers healing frequencies through soundscapes that penetrate your body and mind. Amazing for activating your parasympathetic nervous system and tuning up your frequency.

Anti-aging skincare that repairs collagen using copper peptides.

Handmade, recycled leather bags made in the USA. (my side business!)