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Have you tried everything and you’re still not pregnant?

I'm Shannon South, a Functional Nutritional Therapist and Natural Fertility Specialist with a different approach to infertility. I can help you.

You feel like you’re doing it all.

✓ You take a prenatal, CoQ10, DHEA, etc.

✓ You track your cycle and temperature.

✓ You know when you’re ovulating and you time sex just right.

✓ You might have even gone through a few or several rounds of IVF.

It’s been over a year (maybe five) and you have no idea what you’re missing. 


P.S. I’ve been there.

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You sink into depression every month when your period comes.

✓ You feel like your body is betraying you.

✓ All your friends seem to be getting pregnant.

✓ You wonder if you’ll ever have a family of your own.

✓ You never thought it would be so hard.

✓ You feel like you’ve tried everything.

Your clock is ticking and this is one thing in your life that feels completely out of your control.

P.S. I’ve been there too.

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You often think...

✓  Have I missed my chance?

✓  Should I have settled down sooner?

✓  Is it too late for me?

✓  I could have used that IVF money for a downpayment on a home…

You feel like just a number at the clinic and your doc doesn’t seem to care.

Is there ANY hope??? 

What if...

there are still things you haven’t tried?

you could feel better than you’ve ever felt?

you could have glowing skin?

having a baby was a real possibility?

it’s not too late to build your dream family…

…without having to go through all the injections, emotional rollercoaster, and financial drain.

Here's the problem...

➔ True wellness is not mainstream.

➔ True wellness doesn’t come in a pill or an injection.

➔ Your doctor is trained in fixing things with medication and knows nothing about how to “fix” the reason for your infertility.

➔ Sadly, our medical system doesn’t have any real solutions that don’t involve drugs or invasive procedures.

If you’re doing all the things and still not getting pregnant, it’s time to dig deeper and figure out what is REALLY going on.

Eventually, a lot of couples just give up and accept that they missed their opportunity.

I mean, who could blame them?

Trying to have a baby and not getting results is the HARDEST THING YOU’VE EVER DONE.

It’s demoralizing.

But there is another way!

I'm Shannon.

I’ve walked this path. I’ve been through the monthly heartbreak every time my period would arrive, feeling the deep sadness that I was powerless – wondering, “will I ever meet my dream baby?”

Eventually, in 2014, I realized that no doctor could truly help me and I started searching for alternative help. I tried acupuncture, belly massage, fertility yoga…

shannon functional fertility

I refused to accept an infertility diagnosis and I didn’t give up even though I was considered “geriatric” in the fertility world.

Finally, I was led to a natural fertility specialist who would guide me. I started eating a diet specific to my needs and started taking
 targeted supplements.

I began to feel energetic again, more mentally clear and more positive than I had in years… and my skin was glowing. I felt change.

Not too long after, my dream finally came true. 

I had an easy pregnancy and my son was born healthy and completely natural, with no medical intervention – when I was 43.

fertility specialist nyc

Today, I run a thriving
Functional Fertility Health Coaching practice that helps couples of all ages get to the underlying cause of their infertility and conceive their dream baby.

Fertility clinics are not in the wellness business.

Women age 35 to 37 have a 40.8% chance of having a baby using IVF, while women age 38 to 40 have a success rate of 26.8%. Women over 40 have an IVF success rate around just 7%.

There are not that many effective fertility programs out there because it is such a complex and bio-individual process. Fertility clinics are in the business of offering specific treatments, but there is no guarantee.

Getting you healthy or guaranteeing the health of your unborn child is not something they specialize in.

What is the underlying cause?

If you are not getting pregnant naturally, there is always a reason– even if your doctor calls it “unexplained infertility”.


My work is similar to that of a detective and I will search high and low to identify your personal barriers to fertility.


Our bodies are beautifully brilliant and complex and they will not likely allow conception to occur if something is out of balance.

Why The Fertility Formula is different.

I take the time to listen to your stories and your experiences… and I incorporate lab testing and in-depth symptom questionnaires so that we can determine you and your partner’s unique underlying causes. I then create a customized plan that includes diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations, specific to both partners and based on actual data. I also care.

I am there for you and I work my butt off to be the last fertility practitioner you will ever need.

Why I'm different.

➔ I’ve been in your shoes! I was given an infertility diagnosis at age 39 and cluelessly spent time, money, and emotions going the conventional route.


➔ I’ve spent countless hours studying the underlying causes of infertility and I’m trained in Functional Lab Testing for fertility and hormones.


➔ I’m 100% results driven – I am deeply committed to your desires for a family.


➔ I’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know and help you implement it.

I will listen to your story and be there for you when you need me to be.

I believe...

…there is nothing more important to a preconception strategy than optimizing both mom and dad’s health.


…getting pregnant is NOT the only goal – a HEALTHY and THRIVING baby who becomes a healthy adult is the ultimate goal.


… if you are dealing with infertility, there is a foundational, ROOT CAUSE. Your body is wise and will not allow conception to occur if the conditions are not ideal.

Why I'm so passionate.

I am passionate about helping couples build families because I was there… and I made it through.

My son is my world and I want everyone to experience the profound privilege of parenthood in this lifetime.

Parenting is the most incredible teacher
and will teach you more about LOVE than anything you have ever experienced.

The Fertility Formula detox

The Fertility Formula is a 6-month, high-touch private coaching program that gives you 1:1 support and accountability to get to the root cause of your infertility so that you can build your healthy, dream family.

  • 6-months of educational modules
  • Monthly coaching calls
  • Unlimited direct messaging support
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • Lifetime access to all material

How it works...

When you enroll in The Fertility Formula, we’ll start off with comprehensive and targeted fertility focused testing for both you and your partner.


The goal is to uncover your unique root causes & develop your customized protocol to optimize your health for fertility.

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Want to work with me?​

Let’s hop on a complimentary discovery call or meet at a local Brooklyn cafe and let’s chat!

I’ll ask you a few questions, listen to your story and make sure that The Fertility Formula is the right fit for you. 


Certifications & Training

NTA - Nutritional Therapy Association
Restorative Wellness Solutions
Kharrazian Institute
Cellcore Biosciences