I help women over 35 get pregnant.

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As someone who dealt with years of infertility myself, I was lead to work with a holistic nutritionist when I was having trouble conceiving and it was the most impactful thing to bring me success in finally conceiving my child naturally at age 42. It has become my mission to help other couples to have a successful journey of conception and pregnancy.


As a functional nutritional therapist specializing in fertility, I am committed to finding the root cause of why a couple is having trouble conceiving or carrying a baby to term. I look at the health of both partners and work to optimize both egg and sperm health through diet, detoxification, nutraceuticals, supplements, and lifestyle plans.

Whether the couple wants to conceive naturally or through assisted reproductive technology (IVF or IUI), my goal is to support both partners so that they have the best chance at conception, with the most viable egg and sperm possible, in the most hospitable environment.

Couples who work with me also end up seeing overall wellness which often includes increased energy, weight balancing, increased libido, looking healthier, better skin, and more balanced moods and emotions.

It is my mission to help couples fulfill their dreams of building a family and to support every aspect of fertility and pregnancy wellness.



Fertility wellness is not just about getting pregnant.

It’s about…

  • creating a healthy environment for conception to occur
  • nurturing healthy eggs and sperm
  • creating a healthy embryo to become a healthy baby
  • having a smooth pregnancy and delivery
  • feeling balanced postpartum