Holistic Natural fertility treatment

Natural fertility, hormone health, & wellness.

I use a functional medicine "root cause" approach to restore balance so that you can live a vibrant life.

What If you could...

Feel vibrant & energized?​

Have a strong immune system?

Lose the bloat for good?

Have glowing skin?

Have a healthy baby?

Age well?

...and do it all naturally, with the right foods, lifestyle, mindset, supplements.

The Fertility Formula Strategy

- 1 -

Diet and lifestyle strategies for healthy reproduction.

- 2 -

Clear out inflammatory toxins and pathogens getting in the way of your fertility.

- 3 -

Build healthy hormones, reproductive tissues, and improve egg/sperm quality.

What is Functional Nutrition for Fertility & Hormone health?

  • It is about finding the underlying, root causes of why your body is out of balance.
  • It is about clearing the obstacles getting in the way of true health – chronic stress, toxins, pathogens, emotions, nutritional imbalances.
  • It is about holistically supporting your body’s biochemistry so that it can naturally heal and balance can be restored.

Fertility Assessments include

  1. Hormones 
  2. Blood sugar
  3. Gut & Liver health
  4. Thyroid
  5. Food sensitivities
  6. Stealth/Hidden infections
  7. Toxin load
  8. Mitochondrial health
  9. Mental/Emotional
Underlying causes of unexplained infertility

Functional Lab Testing Available

  • Functional Blood Chemistry Testing – in-depth look at blood sugar, thyroid, immune markers, liver markers, cholesterol, iron, inflammatory markers, and more.
  • Toxin Testing – heavy metals, industrial chemicals, pesticides, mycotoxins.
  • Food Sensitivity & Allergy Testing – discover which foods are creating an immune response and are contributing to inflammation to your body.
  • Hormone Testing – stress hormones (adrenal/HPA-axis) & sex hormones (single day & 9-day cycle mapping).
  • Organic Acid Testing – assess gut health, mitochondrial function, neurotransmitters, detoxification, macronutrients, and nutritional status.

How do I work?

  • I take a holistic, functional medicine approach to  supporting your body in healing.

  • I do comprehensive wellness evaluations using lab testing and symptom assessments.

  • I take the time and listen to you. I want to hear your story and understand your struggles.

  • I create individualized wellness plans to optimize both partners hormonal & reproductive health through nutritional, detoxification, mindset, and lifestyle plans.

  • I guide you through the process, coaching and listening along the way.
Functional Nutrition for Fertility

Effective Natural Fertility Treatment

Natural fertility treatment with a holistic, functional medicine approach to fertility. I am committed to finding the root cause of why you may be having trouble conceiving or carrying a baby to term.

Guidelines for holistic fertility

At Shannon South, Functional Nutrition for Fertility, we firmly believe that an individual’s overall well-being is deeply influenced by the choices they make in their daily lives. This is why we prioritize a holistic approach to fertility, where lifestyle choices play a vital role.

When it comes to holistic fertility practices, we provide general guidelines that can significantly impact your fertility journey:

Stress management is crucial during fertility treatment, as it affects individuals differently. To reduce and effectively manage stress, we encourage the following practices:

  • Engaging in yoga sessions
  • Incorporating meditation into your routine
  • Exploring stress management initiatives, either through personal efforts or with the guidance of professional counseling
  • Acupuncture has been proven to effectively reduce stress, making it a suitable option for patients undergoing fertility treatment. Additionally, acupuncture performed before and after embryo transfer can enhance uterine blood flow and potentially increase pregnancy rates.

We acknowledge that nutrition and diet directly influence the outcomes of fertility treatment and subsequent pregnancies. While some dietary supplements, like prenatal vitamins with folic acid for women, have demonstrated their benefits, we generally advise our patients against taking additional supplements unless specifically recommended by another doctor. It’s important to note that certain dietary choices have been associated with an improved likelihood of conceiving. Current research suggests that simple adjustments in dietary habits may hold more significance in increasing your chances of pregnancy than relying solely on medication. We would be more than happy to discuss these crucial concepts with you in detail.

Maintaining a healthy body weight is another factor that can enhance your chances of achieving pregnancy. Whether it involves losing weight if you’re overweight or gaining weight if you’re underweight, attaining a healthy body weight can contribute to restoring proper hormone levels and other bodily factors that influence fertility.

At Shannon South, Functional Nutrition for Fertility, we prioritize your overall well-being and understand that holistic fertility practices encompass various aspects of your life. We are here to provide support, guidance, and personalized care throughout your journey toward building a family.

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