Unblock fallopian tubes naturally

When I first discovered I had fertility issues, I got an HSG (hysterosalpingogram) and found out I had one blocked fallopian tube (along with subpar hormones). My doctor basically told me that my only real options were IVF and IUI… or extreme luck. 

My husband and I decided to try IUI (the “turkey baster” method), but half the time the follicles were developing in the ovary with the blocked tube, so we would end up scrapping the procedure. This was extremely frustrating as I was taking expensive out-of-pocket medication to increase the number of follicles and the medication made me very moody and depressed. After several tries, we decided we needed to change gears.

I was lead to a nutritionist who recommended an anti-inflammatory diet and a handful of supportive nutrients. After a few weeks, I felt more positive and energetic than I had in a long time and I remember thinking that I didn’t care so much if I got pregnant, I was just so happy to be feeling so much better.

About a year later – still no baby – I decided to get another HSG to see if my tube had opened up. It had! I have no idea when it cleared, but seeing that gave me so much hope. My chances had just doubled!

When I look back on how little I knew about nutrition back then and how important it is for fertility – compared to all the insight I now have, I’m just in awe. I was so clueless. My doctors were clueless. There are so many things that can be done to increase fertility and most mainstream doctors really have no idea.

I ended up getting pregnant naturally and had a natural childbirth at 44. After all I had been through and learned, I decided to go to nutrition school when my son was two years old. I have been non-stop learning ever since. My focus has always been fertility, but through it I have learned all the things that are necessary for fertility – gut health, balanced hormones, detoxification, nervous system and mitochondrial support… and of course, a healthy, nutrient dense diet. 

When I have a client with a blocked tube

1) My first recommendation is a nutrient dense diet – removing inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, sugar, seed oils, and all processed foods from their diet. 

2) Next, I run a food sensitivity test to determine which foods create inflammation in their body specifically. I even create meal plans excluding the offending foods.

3) Lastly, I recommend a supplement called Serraxym, a potent proteolytic enzyme formula which includes serratiopeptidase, an enzyme famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. Serratiopeptidase has the ability to break down scar tissue that may be creating a blockage, and it will also lower any inflammation that may be causing the tube to be constricted.

If you have a blocked fallopian tube(s) and would like to give this a try, you can order a bottle from US Enzymes. This company makes the best quality and most potent enzymes on the market.

Ordering Instructions

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Picture of Shannon South, FNTP

Shannon South, FNTP

Shannon South is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner specializing in fertility and hormones. She gave birth to her one and only child at age 43, after a long struggle with infertility. She and her beautiful family live in Brooklyn, NY.

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