THE FERTILITY FORMULA Program : Fertility Over 35

"I believe the root cause of unexplained infertility is more about toxin and pathogen load than your biological age. The longer you are alive on this planet, the more toxins accumulate in your body. These toxins will damage your egg or sperm quality, cause inflammation in your reproductive organs, and dysregulate your hormones."

The Fertility Formula Program

The Fertility Formula is a six month program for couples, customized and designed to optimize both partners’ fertility. Detoxification and pathogen cleansing are the foundation of this program, while at the same time we will work on cleaning up your diet and lifestyle and supporting nutrient imbalances. 

I use lab tests and symptom questionnaires to determine where specifically your body needs attention. I also offer custom meal plans to help guide you in the optimal foods to eat for optimizing your fertility. Using these tools, I systematically work through the “Eight Pillars of Optimum Fertility” to support you and your partner’s biochemistry so that it is in the best possible place for conception and a healthy pregnancy to occur.

fertility over 35
The Eight Pillars of Fertility 
• Toxin load
• Inflammation
• Gut health
• Liver health
• Thyroid
• Blood sugar

• Mitochondrial support
• Mental & emotional


This Program Includes
• Dietary guidelines
• Custom meal plan (with shopping lists)
• Gut healing
• Whole body detoxification
• Pathogen cleansing
• Nutrient supplementation
• Lifestyle recommendations


What to expect in my six month program

. This can shift based on each person’s bioindividual needs.

Month 1

• Lab Testing: Blood Labs & Toxin Panel
• Optimize your diet with a custom meal plan
• Lifestyle recommendations
• Digestive support
• Drainage support
• Liver support

Month 2

• Deeper detox
• Liver support
• Gut healing support
• Intestinal pathogen cleanse

Month 3

• Deeper systemic detox
• Systemic immune support
• Systemic pathogen cleanse
• Lymphatic flow support

Month 4-6

• Mitochondrial support for healthy eggs and sperm
• Focus on lowering inflammation
• Nutritional support

Did you know that approximately 1/3 of infertility is attributed to the woman, 1/3 to the male, and 1/3 to both combined?

Lab Testing Available

Vibrant Toxin Panel
Environmental toxins
Heavy metals
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MRT Food Sensitivity Testing
Blood test for 180 foods and chemicals
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DUTCH Hormone Testing 
Adrenal / Cortisol Test
Cycling Female Hormones
Menopause Panel

Comprehensive Blood Panel
Blood Sugar / Metabolic
Immune System
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Research on Toxins and Fertility