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I’m Shannon. 

I'm a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) Specializing In Natural Fertility And Hormone Health.​

One of the most difficult experiences of my life was my five year struggle with infertility. It was a time filled with so much frustration and heartache – the biggest stressor of my marriage. My husband & I spent a fortune on fertility treatments and were just not seeing results.

I hated the experience and felt like my body was betraying me. I was just a number at the clinic and the waiting rooms were so depressing. Waiting rooms filled with desperate couples with nowhere else to turn – and I was one of them. I had no idea how to improve my chances of getting pregnant and I clearly remember thinking that this was what purgatory must be. I just couldn’t give up on my dream of having a family.

I felt helpless and clueless…
and the biggest thing I didn’t know was that I could actually improve my fertility chances naturally – without medication or injections.

I was doing everything I knew – acupuncture three times a week, fertility yoga, affirmations… I was taking a prenatal and had given up alcohol. I thought I was eating right, but didn’t really have a specific plan.

Finally, my yoga teacher referred me to a holistic nutritionist who gave me a very specific diet and supplement plan. I started to feel amazing and more energetic than I had in a long time. I started to trust my body and believe I could get pregnant.

Eventually, I conceived my son naturally at 42 years old! It felt like an unbelievable miracle.

My pregnancy was really smooth and I had a natural, drug-free birth with no interventions. I totally attribute it to the preconception nutrition work that I did – and maybe some of the body-confidence I developed as a result of it.

about shannon fertility specialist
about shannon functional nutrition

After my son was born, I wanted to learn all I could about fertility and hormones. It became my mission to help other couples avoid the pain and heartache that we had gone through.

I went to school to study nutrition, biochemistry, hormones, and all the possible underlying causes of why our bodies stop functioning optimally.   

I also dove deep into studying toxins, internal infections, gut health, and the mitochondria to learn how all of these tie in to contribute to fertility issues. This field is always changing as new research comes out and I love staying on top of it all. 


I love the challenge that each new client brings and I work tirelessly to find the root cause for each person. 


I’d love to talk to you about how I can help.

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I specialize in women’s health and hormones – infertility, postpartum, peri-menopause… as well as health issues like endometriosis, PCOS, irregular periods.

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Certifications & Training

NTA - Nutritional Therapy Association
Restorative Wellness Solutions
Kharrazian Institute
Cellcore Biosciences