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Natural Fertility Coaching For Couples

Did you know that approximately 1/3 of infertility is attributed to the female, 1/3 to the male, and 1/3 to both combined?

The Fertility Formula Program offers a natural fertility journey in NYC, focused on finding the root cause(s) of your infertility and optimizing your body for conception and pregnancy.

By cleaning up your diet and lifestyle, eliminating sources of inflammation, and addressing nutrient imbalances, we lay the foundation for this program.

We conduct lab testing to assess your symptoms and identify specific areas where your body needs attention.

You’ll gain insight into the most fertility-supportive foods to include in your diet, as well as those to avoid.

With these tools, we systematically address potential underlying causes of infertility, supporting both you and your partner’s biochemistry to enhance the likelihood of conception and a healthy pregnancy.

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Fertility optimization is not just about getting pregnant.

It’s about…


finding the root cause of why your body is out of balance.


clearing the obstacles getting in the way of true health – chronic stress, toxins, pathogens, emotions, nutritional imbalances.


holistically supporting your body’s biochemistry so that it can naturally heal and balance can be restored.


nurturing healthy eggs and sperm


creating a healthy embryo to become a healthy baby


➔ having a smooth pregnancy and delivery


➔ feeling balanced postpartum

ovarian hormone cycle

The Fertility Formula Steps

- 1 -

Diet and lifestyle strategies for healthy reproduction.

- 2 -

Clear the barriers getting in the way of your fertility.

- 3 -

Build healthy hormones, reproductive organs, and improve egg/sperm quality.

1:1 Natural Fertility Coaching

Features & Resources

✔️ Supports both Natural Conception and IVF

Whether you are committed to a natural conception or need to have IVF, this program will support your natural fertility.

✔️ Preconception Nutrition & Lifestyle Education

Learn about the best foods and lifestyle strategies to support your fertility.

✔️ Monthly Custom Meal Plan

Tailored specifically to you. Includes recipes and a shopping list.

✔️ Step-by-Step Individualized Action Plan
An easy-to-implement action plan to optimize your fertility. 

✔️ Access to Advanced Lab Testing with a Functional Analysis

Lab tests with a functional medicine analysis that get to the root cause of your wellness challenges.

✔️ Access to Professional Nutraceuticals & Supplements

I only work with the purist, most effective supplements and wellness products.

✔️ Support Resource Library

Access to my collection of supportive modalities to optimize your chances of success.

Support & Accountability

✔️ Monthly Consultations (60 min)

A full hour consultation each month with an easy-to-understand explanation of what your test results and symptom assessment mean for your fertility and your health.

✔️ Monthly Accountability Check-ins (15 min)

Mid-month chat to check progress and answer any questions.

✔️ Unlimited Messaging Support
Get in touch anytime you have an immediate question or want to share a win!

✔️ Access to my Facebook Community

Connect with other awesome, supportive women who understand your struggles and will cheer you on. (brand new!)


✔️ Vibro-Acoustic Sound Therapy (30-60 min)

Sessions on our sound frequency bed support fertility by lowering stress levels, clearing traumas, & bringing your body into a parasympathetic state.
*For those who live in the NYC area ($110 value).

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