My Favorite Wellness Products

On my journey of living a more sustainable, toxin-free life, I have researched quite a bit and come across some amazing products that I love and use daily.

*Disclosure: I have an affiliation with some of the companies and will get a small percentage if you purchase through my link… so please use the link! 

My Pure Water – The best home countertop water distiller I have found. Distilled water removes every trace of toxins from the water – more than reverse osmosis and more than Berkey. This water is so pure and delicious, its so easy to stay hydrated.

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Mira App – Awesome fertility hormone tracking system to track your hormones throughout the month. This at-home urine test lets you check your results on your smart phone, graphing your monthly hormone shifts and predicting optimum conception days. 
I love when clients use this to see their hormones rebalance when working with me.

Coach Mark Carroll – Strength training is an incredible addition to any hormone balancing program. I highly recommend Mark Carroll’s online programs if you are looking to transform your mindset, body, and hormones. If you are new to strength training, I suggest joining one of his eight-week challenges. Check his instagram for details.

Therasage – The best portable, personal infrared saunas and red light therapy to boost your detox protocol.

I have a Thera360 PLUS Personal Sauna that I use almost daily and I can’t wait for my time in it. I like to sit in my sauna cross-legged with my head immersed, listening to podcasts while I dry brush.

ElvieI first discovered Elvie after my son was born. The Elvie trainer is an amazing pelvic floor trainer that makes strengthening and re-sensitizing your vagina so much fun – like playing a video game. I recommend it for any woman who has had a baby or is in perimenopause.  

*no affiliation

Remade USA – Eco-friendly, handmade, recycled leather bags made in the USA. Turn your old leather jacket into a new bag!

*disclosure – this is my other business!

Crunchi – Toxin-free beauty and skincare that performs – and is sustainably packaged. I was first drawn to Crunchi because it was toxin-free, but after trying it for a while, I saw a noticeable difference in my skin tone and crows feet. This stuff works! 

*no affiliation

Poli Pet – Wellness line for dogs and cats. Detoxification and mitochondrial support. This is a new pet company by Cellcore, my favorite nutraceutical company. Cellcore has changed countless lives and I know it will do the same for pets. 

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Aseir Custom – Anti-aging skincare made with peptides. 

> Repairs & reduces fine lines, depth of wrinkles.
> Improves the structure of aged skin.
> Protect skin cells from UV radiation.