Poor Sperm Health: Root Causes

Poor Sperm Health: Root Causes Men’s sperm counts are declining at an unprecedented rate. What is considered “normal” on a semen analysis today would have been considered “infertility” 50 years ago. Do you know what could be causing your low sperm count and poor morphology? Understanding the root causes of these issues is crucial to […]

Toxin-free Products & Fertility Supportive Tools

Toxin-free Products & Fertility Supportive Tools On my journey of living a more sustainable, toxin-free life, I have researched quite a bit and come across some amazing products that I love and use daily. *I have an affiliation with some of them and will get a small percentage if you purchase through my link… so please use […]

The Best Water You Can Drink

Water is the one thing we ingest all day, every day that has a huge effect on our cellular energy, function, and health. Drinking truly clean water is the most important thing we can do for our health and distilled water is the only guaranteed pure water. In my household, we joke about this machine producing […]

Toxin Free Beauty and Skin Wellness

It is so important to use high quality toxin free beauty products as a part of your detox regimen. True wellness and beauty always begin on the inside. Your outlook on life is extremely important, but the toxin load of your body may be even more important as it can have a huge impact on […]