Jacket to Bag Transformation Service

I just wanted to post a note that yes, I am still making custom leather bags from used leather jackets! I’ve been pretty busy lately working on custom orders and have not been able to get to all of my emails. Please be patient if that is you – I will get back to you very soon!

Remade USA is my leather jacket to bag transformation service. These bags are handmade by me, and made to order using the jackets that my customers send me. These leather jackets usually have special meaning to them and I create beautiful, new and useful bags from them.

These bags make beautiful gifts and keepsakes that that will be cherished. (I was super busy during the holidays!) They are awesome gifts with meaning for the person who appreciates more thoughtful things that they will want to hold on to.

If you are interested in this service, please send me a note, along with a photo of your jacket to shop@shannonsouth.com and I will give you more info – such as prices and timing.

Remade USA has Relaunched

Many of you who have been following my business from the start know that I began in 2009 as Remade USA, a leather repurposing business. I was very inspired by the idea of not using new materials to make new products as I feel there is so much waste in the world  and I didn’t want to contribute to it. I repurposed jackets into bags for about three years, selling direct and wholesaling to Barneys NY for about two years. Searching for the right jackets, cleaning them, deconstructing, and then redesigning and reconstructing them is a lot of work – and it all had to be done in-house. I got a bit burnt out.

Last year, I started looking for other sources of leather waste and I found there is much remnant waste from the furniture industry. I began working with a wonderful NYC-based bag manufacturer and launched my eponymous line last year, using beautiful reclaimed nubuck leather.

I’ve been on hiatus from repurposing jackets for almost a year, but throughout the year I’ve continued to get emails from people asking me to transform a jacket they had in their closet. The stories have warmed my heart and often brought tears to my eyes. Last month, I had a realization that I couldn’t give up this beautifully emotion-driven side of my business completely and decided  to re-launch Remade USA as a service.

I’m very happy to announce Remadeusa.com, a new site, devoted solely to my custom jacket-to-bag transformation service.

To celebrate the launch, we’ve partnered with The Collective to run a contest:
Submit your personal story about your old leather jacket to win a redesign into a new bag.


The Coffee bag (3) has been selling like hotcakes and it really goes with anything… but here are some of my favorite pieces that I would wear with it… (I’m especially drooling over the Rachel Comey platforms)

1. Hex Necklace No.2 by Iacoli & McAllister, $78
2. Eshe Blouse by Ursa Minor, $195
3. Coffee Bag No.8 by Shannon South, $245
4. Pleat Front Pant by Vanessa Bruno Athe’, $312
5. Riviera Wedge by Rachel Comey, $414
6. Enamel Wave Cuff by Dream Collective, $175


SS12: What to wear the OOAK with?

My wonderful husband bought me one of Raquel Allegra’s gorgeous gauze dresses for my birthday from Bird and I can’t wait til the weather is warm enough so that I can wear it. I’ve started to have a little obsession with her clothes, so I’ll use this blog to satiate it.

1. OOAK No.6 by Shannon South, $195
2. Deconstructed jersey tank by Raquel Allegra, $198
3. Wood & silver ring by Surevolution (at Bird), $98
4. Leather wedges by Ligne 6 – Martin Margiela (at Bird), $495
5. Reverse black shorts by Raquel Allegra, $458
6. Gold pendant necklace by Mociun, $886


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