48 hours in San Francisco

Ed and I just got back from a non-stop weekend in San Francisco. We attended a birthday party on Friday night, a baby shower on Saturday day… I did a trunk show with Kirsten Muenster at Ma(i)sonry Napa (1st pic) on Sunday and lastly, we went to our friends, Jeannie & Bryan’s wedding at the Stable cafe in the Mission on Sunday night! These are photos (2nd pic) from a photo booth at their gorgeous wedding.

The National at Radio City Music Hall

I saw The National play last night at Radio City Music Hall and they were absolutely incredible. They are definitely now in to the “favorite band” category for me. This show seriously moved them from indie band into rock superstar status. Fantastic!

reMade USA studio in Brooklyn!

I’ve found an amazing studio space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, right next to McCarren park. The studio is in a beautiful space owned by artists and filled with vibrant, creative energy. My neighbors include Odette NY jewelry, Wiksten handmade clothes, Fay Andrada handmade jewelry, Nicolette Camille floral design.

photos by Jennifer Sarkilahti of Odette.

Asheville, North Carolina

This just about sums up Asheville for me. After days of fast travel food and southern cookin, I was desperate for a nice, healthy salad. Asheville was like finding the holy grail and I found myself constantly comparing it to San Francisco. We ate at the yummy Laughing Seed twice in our short time there.

Nashville, Tennessee

We visited the Hatch Show Print shop, where posters for most of the greatest American musicians were (and still are) designed and printed. Hatch has not changed its printing methods and is a true hand-crafted art form.
Take a tour.


Bacchanal Wine Bar

The road trip has been fantastic. We have about 1500 miles til we reach our final destination of Brooklyn, NY. Such a wonderful finale to an inspiring trip! We’ve been meeting and interviewing just a small handfull of the people working to make this country more awesome – Ed is making a documentary… If you can recommend anyone between Mississippi & NYC that we might want to meet, please suggest! Here is more info on the project.


Marfa is a place where any stress you might have immediately melts away. The air is so warm and dry in this incredible little town is in the middle of the western Texas desert. At night, the sky is filled with stars. Donald Judd basically “put Marfa on the map” when he moved there to build his Chinati Foundation (with backing from the Dia Foundation). There you can see Donald Judd’s 100 aluminum boxes, John Chamberlain’s steel sculptures from old cars, as well as other artists from that period.

We stayed in a beautifully renovated vintage trailer at this fantastic campground called El Cosmico.

PS – on the way there, we passed the “Prada Marfa” art installation. Fantastic!

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